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e a pair of red dance shoes and be the most beautiful" dancing swallow ". Can you promise me? "Little Swallow can't wait to say the dream in her heart." Girls, come here. "Dancing cranes" summoned seven colorful birds. They were the most famous "Seven Dancers" in the fairyland. The seven dancers danced lightly and gracefully, and told the little swallows: "We are all here to help You realize your dream Marlboro Red. "Speaking, each of the seven dancers unplugs a colored silk thread from the body, but uses a tree branch on the island to make a colorful stringed instrument. Wuheweng told Xiaoyanzi that this colorful stringed instrument represents each string separately. Kindness, filial piety, love, sincerity, modesty, suffering, and wisdom. You must keep the "seven words of truth" in your heart, practice on the seven strings every day, bouncing with your toes, and when you can play wonderful music, you will definitely get a dream In the red shoes, the crane dancer and the fairy bird flew away Cheap Cigarettes. The little swallow seemed to understand, took the colorful stringed piano, flew for many days, and returned to the bird kingdom. The small swallow laid the colorful stringed instrument flat On the tree pole of the forest, he stepped on the seven-color thin strings every day Online Cigarettes, jumping and jumping, but he always couldn't find the feeling. He found the grandpa white-headed grandpa. The grandpa white-headed grandpa laughed, "This colorful harp, I met many years ago. At that time, there was a golden bird in the kingdom. She sang very sweetly. She wanted to learn to dance. She practiced on the colorful stringed piano every day, sometimes playing with a pointed mouth and sometimes knocking with her toes. She is from afar, very gentle and caring about her companions. One day, she had a pair of beautiful red shoes on her feet, and she danced beautifully. A special dance was held in the Bird Kingdom. Later, the golden bird flew away with nostalgia. Grandpa Baldwin said affectionately: "To learn a colorful stringed harp, you must not only jump with your feet, but also realize it with your heart. These seven words actually mean kindness, honour, integrity, love, modesty, hardship, wisdom. "Pulsatilla took the little swallows to the old house of Pulsatilla, where there were many lonely, old and weak Weng birds, all lovely angel birds, waiting for them carefully. Little Swallow worked as a caregiver there, regardless of the wind, frost, rain and snow, let the Weng bird feel the warmth and care every day, while practicing the colorful stringed piano, while comprehending the "seven words". One day, the little swallow felt agitation, and the melody was very beautiful. "Where is the little swallow, here come every spring, here is the most beautiful spring ..." Yeah, there are a pair of red shoes on his feet, and the little swallow is happy. Flying, dancing in the air, fascinated. The spring breeze blew slightly, and the green willow swayed in the wind. The little swallow sometimes crosses the tree, sometimes jumps on the treetop, sometimes draws an arc in the air, sometimes slams from the sky, sometimes crosses the wave of light, sometimes comes a green leaf, sometimes waves his wings, sometimes Shaking the tail, sometimes stepping on the sensitive toes, the red dance shoes are particularly eye-catching. Since having the red dance shoes, the "Tianyan Fairy Dance Troupe" has been established in the Bird Kingdom, and she has become a "leading bird". For the great celebrations of the king country, the little swallow's red shoes are always a beautiful scenery. Many years later, the kingdom of birds added a group of red-footed swallows, which are said to be descendants of little swallows.
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